RunAPalooza – 2nd Anniversary

RunAPalooza, Asbury Park, NJ

My last blog here was almost exactly 1 year ago, when I talked about meeting Manolo Teijelo and running a team marathon called RunAPalooza on the Jersey Shore. It was a fantastic experience and I compared running a team marathon to running a successful business. The day and experience was a roaring success, and best of all, we wound up raising over $2,000 for Special Olympics of NJ – a charity that Andrea and I have contributed to for well over 25 years.

2016 is special for many reasons. Naomi is graduating from college. Andrea and I will celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. And I turn 50 in August. We have established a lot of goals for this year, and for me personally, I have some significant professional and personal goals I’d like to achieve. On the personal front, I hope to do a Half-Ironman this year, and on the professional front, we plan to grow Bizyhood to be a self-sufficient business.

As with anything in life, there are challenges in the way of our goals. I injured my hamstring in August 2015 and while rehab has gone very well, I’m still not back to top running form. Bizyhood has been doing great, but we’re still burning more cash than we’re bringing in, and we know it’s a long road to success.

This is why I’m so excited to participate with Manolo and the Manolo Maniacs in doing RunAPalooza again this year. Not only is Manolo a great example of a person who gives before he gets, he has persevered through some pretty amazing personal challenges. The kids who are part of Special Olympics are truly amazing and an inspiration for all of us. Whenever I do feel down and want to complain about challenges in my life, I try to think of these kids and the enormous hurdles they overcome to excel.

So, of all the events I do throughout the year, this is the one (and only) where I ask my friends and family to support me financially. Besides getting to have a fun day with some great people, we raise money for an exceptional cause. Our goal this year is to increase our fundraising to $3,000 and we hope you can be a part of it. To donate, please click on this link and donate what you can.

On behalf of the Manolo Maniacs (Manolo, Valerie, Debbie, Lara and myself), we thank you!