A Promising Sales Tool – PolitePersistence

Many of you know of my fondness for the Frontline sales methodology – which I have been using for over 10 years. It has been an effective mechanism for me to reach people I want or need to get to but don’t know yet. As social media has made the number of touchpoints for people greater, I have expanded my use of the methodology to include LinkedIn and Twitter in addition to email, phone, fax and US Mail (yes, I still use US Mail on occasion! Think about how special it is to get a package in the mail these days – you can really stand out!)

Recently I was introduced to a tool that is in Beta that looks to be a perfect tool to optimize your “5 touchpoint” sales strategy.  It’s called PolitePersistence and the concept is pretty simple.  PolitePersistence is a browser plug-in for Chrome (Firefox/Safari will be coming) – once you install it, you can essentially “program” your touchpoints to your potential contacts.  This includes not just when you want to send follow-ups, but what you want to say. I see this as powerful in multiple ways:

  1. Program your entire “campaign” with your prospects up front – I typically schedule all my follow ups in my calendar, but then I have to remember to go in and actually execute my follow up. Here I can just schedule it all up front and the rest happens automatically

  2. Keep track of responses – once a prospect does respond, the campaign stops, so you’re not continuing to send follow ups once you’ve made a connection. As PolitePersistence grows, I can see integration with CRM tools as an obvious next step.

  3. Leverage multiple touch-point types – from email, to LinkedIn/Twitter, and phone – I have found that the best way to reach new prospects is to mix it up – don’t send to the same communication channel every time.

  4. Use whatever frequency you like.  I like to go 2-3 days between touch points, but other people want to go weekly or more frequently.

The Beta will launch in January, and you can sign up to pre-register on their site. This tool is promising and I look forward to trying it!