Mastering the Art of the Repeatable Sale

Welcome to the new and improved Topicsoft!  The mission hasn’t changed, but the focus has…. software companies are looking for ways to create “repeatable” business; with all of the business drivers and economic realities upon us, the successful software enterprise figures out a few key items that are critical:

  • What does your product do?
  • Who purchases your product?
  • Why do they purchase it?
  • How do you reach these people?
  • How do you grow the reach exponentially?

There are many strategies and tactics associated with these questions.  They seem awfully simple, don’t they?  Yet, a large percentage of software startups fail.  And they fail because they do not achieve the repeatable sale – the ability to sell one thing to many people.  The inability rests with a poor or no answer to one or more of the questions above.

This blog will attempt to address these questions and discuss different strategies and tactics that have worked (and failed!) in the past.  Your input will be critical to this endeavor, so please feel free to agree, disagree, rant (just be polite!) and generally work with each other to create repeatable success.